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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Comparison Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Vs iPad Mini

Samsung and Apple are always competing in the smartphone category now. Both are staged each other down flagship product, respectively.Both are done through the advantages that are not owned by the products of each vendor. This time it was Samsung who are want to seize the market from Apple's iPad mini belongs. There were times that carried Samsung smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 made known to the specs, some of which exceed the iPad Mini, equal, and only one is a drawback in terms of specs.
There is nothing to add , the smartphone is equipped with  features that are not owned by the iPad Mini. However, this smartphone also not equipped with the advantages possessed by the iPad Mini as a way to show that Samsung does not mimic the creation of Apple. There is also differences below based design and battery, display, network and connectivity, camera, and data processing. we see Comparison Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note Vs iPad Mini 8.0 is as follows.  

Design and Batteries
The second dimension on  mobile devices  is relatively small. The dimensions of this Samsung smartphone is 210.8 x 135.9 x 7.95 mm, while the iPad has a dimension of 200 x 134.7 x 7.2 mm. On the affairs of the iPad mini dimensions are superior Samsung because both of these gadgets into mini categories. The weight of this Samsung is at 340 g, while the iPad mini is 308 g which makes the iPad is superior than Samsung in the mini category. The batteries used in the Samsung 4600 mAh capacity, while the iPad Mini of 4000 mAh. This shows the stand by time and talk time of Samsung is bigger than  the iPad Mini which it is good.
The screen on the  smartphone Samsung  was by 8 inches. The screen is a LCD. Resolution TFT color is with a 1280 x 800 pixels which produces the areal density of 189 PPI. On an iPad mini LCD screen measuring 7.9 inches. TFT with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels which produces density of 163 PPI. This means the size of  the screen  and superior color resolution in Samsung products.
Connectivity and Networking
Connectivity  on Samsung smartphones and the iPad Mini is supported by a network of bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS. In addition it is also supported by the USB connector and IrLED. But on the iPad mini is not supported by IrLED. There is also the specifications of each network and the connector is the same, except on IrLED and GPS, which does not exist on the iPad irLED and GPS on the 3G version only. There are no specifications, namely Bluetooth BT 4.0 BLE. 802 11 WiFi a / b / g / n + ch bonding, GPS w / GLONASS, USB v2.0, and IrLED smart remote.So it can be concluded that the network connectivity for  Bluetooth, WiFi and USB are the same, whereas the superior Samsung IrLED and GPS.
The camera on the Samsung smartphone has the same specs as the iPad in the main camera, while the  camera  is different the second or complementary. Specifications are the same in the main camera is of 5 MP AF / 1080p @ 30fps. specifications second camera on the Samsung was at 1.3 MP and the iPad Mini is of 1.2 MP. Although small, these differences can result in different quality photographs which picture quality of the Samsung is a better camera than the camera on the iPad Mini.
Data Processing
Specifications on the category of data processing is the most influential on the performance of the smartphone. The main factors consumers choose a mobile device is out of specification for the data processing which is offered by every mobile developer and a major advantage.There are no specifications on the Samsung smartphone was using operating system  Android  Jelly Bean the latest version, while the Mini iPad using iOS 6. Equivalent strength. Processor is the processor used in Samsung Pegasus Q where the specifics are as follows: A9 1.6 GHz Quad Core, while the iPad Mini uses a specification processor 1 GHz Dual Core A5. Based on data from the processor, it is shown that the processing of the data in this Samsung product is faster than the iPad Mini.
Unique Features
There is a unique feature offered this Samsung smartphone and does not exist on the iPad Mini, the S-Pen, Voice Call, and Multiple Window.On the iPad Mini was no unique features that are not owned by Samsung products, namely the lighting connectors, and sensors GYRO.If viewed from the unique features offered, the Samsung product is superior because more and more useful features in Internet activity, work, phone, and also play. As a whole shows that this product is superior to the iPad Mini. However, in response to the  Apple  iPad as producers did not remain silent and will soon make the latest version of the iPad Mini that has better specs than the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0.

sebagai pengguna Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, of cos jann akan menangkan Note 8.0 tu lagi kan? lagipun jann memang tak penah pakai pun ipad tu..so tak tahu mana lagi better...but as a student, i believe this is the best gadget ever for now! :)
bakal menggunakan note 8.0 untuk presentation third language minggu depan..nanti jann review lagi situasinyaaa :p

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