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Monday, November 25, 2013

The trouble with MyKad

PETALING JAYA, Nov 25 — If you decide to leave your driving licence at home, thinking your MyKad has all the details, think again as an experience at a roadblock shows that it can land you in a lot of trouble.
Having incorporated my licence into the MyKad, I left my driver’s licence at home and headed to Shah Alam from Klang on my motorcycle recently.
That is when trouble began. Just after the Sungai Rasau toll plaza, there was a Road Transport Department (RTD) roadblock on the motorcycle lane. As usual, they requested for my road tax and licence.
I handed my MyKad, telling them my details are in it.
The officer then searched for a card reader and managed to get one from a another officer.
He inserted the MyKad into the reader and said sternly my licence had expired many years ago.
I said this was impossible as I had renewed it recently. An argument ensued and several other officers soon milled around me.
One of them even insinuated that I was lying while I retorted that their system was wrong.
One officer even showed me the reader and it showed that my licence had expired in 1998. I then told them to verify it with the headquarters. 
A senior officer came over to calm the situation. He telephoned the RTD headquarters to verify my details and after several minutes my story checked out.
He said I should update my details with the National Registration Department (NRD) as they were incomplete.
Obligingly, I went to NRD but the officer there said my details were complete as clearly stated in his reader.
When I told the officer of my encounter with the RTD officers, he said they did not know how to read the information.
“I have heard of this before. All they had to do was to just scroll down and the latest details will be there,” the officer said.
I was speechless and have since resorted to carrying my licence again.

The Malay Mail Online

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